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Phonon Diagnostics Technology 

is based on real-time diagnostics of physics process which goes in material and structure of facilities. This allows to inspect technical condition of industrial facilities without mode change, without interference in the operating process, at different stages of manufacturing, testing, operating and repairing, what leads to considerable financial saving.

Phonon Diagnostics  t echnical capabilities 

  • Allow to inspect hard-to-reach facilities including pipelines in concrete insulation and complex geometric shapes, pipe sections passing above and below river bottoms.
  • Applicable in a wide range of temperatures and pressures.  The temperature of the working environment when installing Phonon Emission Transducers directly on the inspected component’s surface can vary from -20 to +70 °C. Temperature of the operating fluid when installing transducers using waveguides can be from -80 to +450 °C.
  • Covers the common range of pipeline diameters and wall thickness without restrictions in their length.
  • The following types of defects can be identified:  loss of metal of corrosive origin (extensive anomaly), single and group pits,  cracks,  stress-corrosion cracking and others. Phonon inspection allows to identify defects by size and depth, type and severity, to determine quantity and location. 
  • Phonon Diagnostics Technology does not require point measurements on surface, instead of this phonon emission is recorded in 100% of inspected component. The product flow rate does not affect inspection results.

Inspection without interference in the operating process  

Real-time inspection

Hard-to-reach facilities inspection

100% coverage of the inspected object

Final report on technical state of facility, remaining life estimation following the inspection results.

Estimation of further operating conditions. 

3D modeling

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